Live-Stream Cotton’s 24-Hour Runway Show For An Entire Day Of Catwalk Madness

Did you know that the average runway show only lasts about five minutes? That's right — all those months of designing, sewing, and planning play out in less time than takes you to find your front-row seat and grab a gift bag. This November, though, Cotton and are shooting for the record books with a marathon runway show lasting an entire day! Made up of more than a ton of cotton clothing styled into 1,440 versatile looks worn by dozens of models (including 24 first-time catwalkers chosen in an online contest), Cotton’s 24-Hour Runway in Miami's South Beach starts at noon on November 19, and keeps going — without pause — until noon on November 20. For those who want to witness this little bit of history, MTV has your RSVP. Just visit to see live-streaming of the show, from first looks to the last, and for highlights after all the walking is done. With Cotton’s 24-Hour Runway 28700% longer than most catwalk shows, you'll have plenty of time to tune in.

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