Silly Or Spooky? These L.A. Restos Serve Up Live Dishes To Customers

There's nothing quite like eating at an open kitchen. Our fave spot at Sotto is mere feet from the brick oven, and we still get giddy sitting front row at Benihana. Since we consider ourselves bona-fide foodies, we're often the ones manning the grill while chowing down on Korean BBQ. But, we're not so quick to pat ourselves on the back, especially since we just stumbled on Grub Street's latest report on the restos around L.A. that serve up live dishes. Yep, those abalone, octopi, and shrimp are still breathing when they hit the table.
To some, the whole thing is downright cruel. To others, it's a chance to experience new and exotic cooking methods that would otherwise remain a mystery behind those swinging kitchen doors. Veggie lovers, you may want refrain from clicking over — the food-centric site goes into semigraphic detail about the different meals and their journey from alive and kicking to sautéed and steamed.
Hardcore self-cookers should just book a ressie at Jae Bu Do, stat. While those looking to ease into it should start off at Plan Check where albacore with rock shrimp is 100% cooked, but battered and plated to appear as though it is still moving. Creepy cuisine at it's finest, and just in time for Halloween!
It's one thing to grill galbi, but it's another to be served something that's still squirming. Are you down with the DIY dishes, or would you rather leave the cooking to the pros? (Grub Street)