Listen Up Ludo Lovers! LudoBites 7.0 Returns To L.A.

What's the next step for chefs who have gained celebrity status? Not unlike rockstars, they go on tour, of course! The French chef Ludo Lefebvre has been dubbed "The King Of Pop-Ups" for his popular touring restaurant, LudoBites, and has the confident star attitude to match. In describing his pop-up concept, he says in his French accent, "I do what I want. I cook what I feel. I put what I want on the plate." For all you Ludo groupies out there, LudoBites is making their return to Gram and Papa's from August 3 through September 10, open every night Tuesday through Friday. There will be no ticket-line to camp out at, but reservations on Open Table start on July 14 promptly at 4 p.m., so get your browsers ready! The menu is still undecided, but the revolutionary Ludo is ready to take on his foie gras protesters, proposing a full night devoted to the French delicacy. (Grub Street)