Lipsticks That Make Great Blushes

We're all too familiar with the trials and tribulations of picking out The Perfect Blush. Trying to coordinate the color with our natural flush while factoring in seasonal trends and textures is an ongoing journey. But, here's a fun makeup secret: The perfect blush might just be hiding in our favorite lipstick.
We don't think that you have to always use makeup the way the packaging says. Isn't it more fun to play around and see what gorgeousness can happen when you break the rules, anyway? We've found that makeup artists in particular love to use lipstick as blush. First of all, monochromatic looks are super flattering, and matching lips and cheeks can instantly pull a look together. And, for those of us going right from our desks to our evening plans, having a surprise two-in-one product is infinitely convenient.
We find that the best lipsticks to use as blushes go on smooth and creamy so that you can sheer them out easily. As for what technique to use? Makeup artist Elisa Flowers says, "I like to use my fingertips when putting lipstick on cheeks. It makes it easier to smudge it out and blend it into the skin."
When choosing a color, super-dark or ultra-bright lipsticks probably aren't the best to start out with. But, if you do go that route and then find that it looks too intense on your face, Flowers suggests blending in foundation or moisturizer to soften it up. "That will keep the blush looking natural," she says.
So, now that we're all ready to try this out, click through for our picks of lipsticks that make truly lovely blushes.

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