We’re Seriously Worried About Lindsay Lohan—Was She Completely Wasted Last Night?

The tabloids continue to follow Lindsay Lohan's ever-so-hard-to-watch moves, the latest of which is—gasp!—she's fallen off the wagon. LiLo, whose probation means no drinking without legal consequences, was photographed falling outside The Cabin Down Below, an East Village bar, and struggling to regain balance. While this may have been due to her huge platforms, one never can tell with La Lohan. Granted, on a scale from 1 to Charlie Sheen, this registers as pretty boring news but we were still kind of pulling for the former star, and it’s hard to see her stagger around the LES.
According to Lohan's mother, Lindsay has been searching for an apartment in New York, partly because her ex, Samantha Ronson's, is in a new, very public relationship. NYC, with its abundant nightlife, probably isn't the best setting for LiLo to stay on the clean and narrow, or stay out of the limelight, so we're predicting many more pap-worthy moments in Miss Lohan's imminent future. Her probation officer must be thrilled! Tell us, what do you think of her behavior?
Update: Lohan Tweeted it was all a joke. Right....