Lilo’s Comical Life Just Became An Actual Comic

In a weird mix of subcultural art and high-profile celebrity, Lindsay Lohan's got a new starring role — as a cartoon version of herself, that is, in an online comic book, inFamous2 . Unfortunately for Ms. Lohan, it's not exactly equivalent to being the lead vixen in a rom-com, but fortunately for us, it's equally as hilarious as her efforts in, say, I Know Who Killed Me . And hey, being the muse for legendary comic writers and artists like Pat Mills and Howard Marks is nothing to scoff at, even if Mills does admit, "... all that's left is a superficial, dumbed-down void which celebs fill perfectly. Personally, there are better alternatives — like curling up with a good book or a good woman."
Maybe for some, this series fills all three of those voids. Either way, we're pretty impressed. Click through to see Lindsay as she runs past our girl, Suri Cruise, who asks the vital question here, "is she an actress, Mommy?" and other hilarious/heartbreaking scenes from the daily life of Lindsanity. (Digital Spy)
Images: Via Digital Spy and inFamous 2 by Pat Mills and Howard Marks