"Denim Hair" Is 2017's Most Unexpected Trend — & We Love It

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"Every other email in my inbox is from people asking for this moonstone blue color," Cherin Choi, one of L.A.'s top colorists, tells me. "It's totally a thing." Of course, we already had a feeling, thanks to a massive uptick in gray-meets-blue hair hitting Instagram and a growing buzz over the unexpected look in the industry. It's safe to say denim hair has officially arrived.

Choi notes that it's Joico's just-released Blue Metallic Moonstone that is causing the ruckus at Benjamin Arts District. "It's still in the gray family and has a dusted look to it that is perfect for an easy fade and grow out," she says. Kevin Murphy saw this coming, too, and crafted a new line called DenimOnDenim to meet the demand. Guy Tang, another major power player in the rainbow hair world, has his own version: a dusty, one-color shade with tons of dimension that he calls "acid wash denim hair."

Now, blue hair isn't new — Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Nicole Richie, and many more have rocked a cobalt or navy hue, but this year's version is softer, chalkier, and more like, well, denim. The trend has a drawback, of course. "Although dusty blue is a beautiful color, it's a hard color to maintain," Daniel Moon, the L.A.-based colorist behind Kanye West and Miley Cyrus' rainbow hues, says. "People have a hard time with the fade [because] it usually goes green. The reason why people love peach, sorbet, and 'blorange' is because the fade is soft and cute." Translation: You gotta really want it, folks.

Now, are you ready to meet the trend you'll be seeing all year? Start clickin'...
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Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Murphy.
New York City colorist Kate Reid, Kevin Murphy ColorMe Design Director, created this look using the DenimOnDenim collection, which was inspired by Pantone shade Serenity. It's the perfect hue for any skin tone and, what's more, she just taught hundreds of colorists how to mimic it — so get ready to see it hitting the streets soon.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cherin Choi.
This look by Choi was created using Joico's Moonstone hue and it matches our favorite pair of jeans almost perfectly. Of course, even with a gray-based color, the fade isn't perfect: "This look is good for someone that is okay with having grayish-blond highlights once the blue fades out," Choi notes.
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Photo: Via tanyatiffinphotography/Instagram.
Have bangs? Here's even more of a reason to try the look.
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Photo: Via hairby.v/Instagram.
Like all rainbow hues, this color is a great option for those sick of their baby-fine highlights.
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Photo: Via haircolouronmelanin/Instagram.
Box braids get a rad hit of color.
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Photo: Via airwvvs/Instagram.
Just the tips looks cool, too.
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Photo: Via ktinahair/Instagram.
Not sure you want to commit? Try a spray, like Joico's formula, which Moon recommends for experimenting.
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Photo: Via thefoxandthehair/Instagram.
Aussie salon The Fox and The Hare knows a thing or two about trends — and this of-the-moment look is no exception.
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Photo: Via guy_tang/Instagram.
Guy Tang's work never lets us down.
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Photo: Via giorgia_melillo/Instagram.
A soft and subtle touch of color over platinum hair — with inner corner eyeshadow to match.
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Photo: Via thefoxandthehair/Instagram.
Sick of your ombré ends? Give 'em the denim wash.
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Photo: Via cldchrtr/Instagram.
Blue makes the half knot feel fresh.
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Photo: Via pravanaindonesia/Instagram.
A moodier take on the look...
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Photo: Via sportstergrl.380/Instagram.
And one that's more silver.
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Photo: Via mijuvansalon/Instagram.
This look would go perfectly with a Texas tuxedo.
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Photo: Via thefoxandthehair/Instagram.
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