The BEST Life Advice For 2015 — From 16 Bona Fide Superwomen

Our favorite thing about the end of the year isn't the tinsel or the party dresses or the excuse to wear metallic makeup...or even the cookies. (Although, don't get us wrong, we love all of those things.) What we most enjoy about this part of December is the opportunity to reflect — on the year behind us, the year ahead, and what we want out of life, for all the years to come.
In honor of that moment of introspection and level-setting for a new year, we're looking back at the best life advice we got from some of the most powerful, inspiring women out there: this year's boundary-pushing, ceiling-shattering, success-redefining Superwomen.
These 16 ladies each sat down with us for a gorgeous, in-depth feature, culminating in the 30+ badass pieces of advice ahead. These are the nuggets of wisdom that you don't hear everywhere else — straight from some of the most powerful women in the country. Meaning, you want to pay attention and take heed. This is your secret weapon for what could be the best year of your life.

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