Revive Punk'd & Make Liam Hemsworth The Host Because He Can't Stop Pranking Miley Cyrus

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Someone call MTV, STAT. Liam Hemsworth is more than ready to take over Ashton Kutcher's throne as King of the Pranks.
Yesterday, the actor, who will soon star along fellow Aussie Rebel Wilson in Isn't It Romantic?, gave fans a lesson in how to pull the perfect prank. Step one: Do something sweet for your unsuspecting victim. For this step, Hemsworth took his fiancée, Miley Cyrus, on what appeared to be a peaceful stroll through the park with their dogs. Here, we see Cyrus in her element: breeze flowing through her hair, barefoot, and completely unaware of what will transpire later that afternoon.
Ignorance is truly bliss — at least, in this moment.

Strolls with my girls.

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OK, onto step two. Now that your prey is relaxed, take them on a drive. If you're truly a professional, you can up the ante by wearing a ridiculous camouflage mask (but, be warned; doing something so out of the ordinary could raise suspicion if you're an amateur). Then, let the other person think they're in control by making them the center of attention. This can easily be done by filming them talk. Now that they're comfortable, it's time to strike. Pretend to slam on the brakes and voila! You've successfully Punk'd someone! (Just make sure that you don't actually hurt the person's neck!)

Gets her every time ?

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This is far from the first time Hemsworth has pretended to slam on his brakes to jolt Cyrus. In July, the actor posted a video of the two dancing before he faked an almost-accident, much to the "Party in the U.S.A." singer's chagrin. The video, which was likely in response to rumors that the couple had split earlier this summer, was a relief to fans who mourned Cyrus' abrupt decision to delete all of her Instagram photos and missed seeing her in action.
For now, we can assume the only trouble for these two is how tired and cranky Cyrus must be from sleeping with one eye open.

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