These New Commuter Jeans Are Specifically Made To Combat “Bike Butt”

The biggest thing that bike commuters have going for them is that their trip to work is actually fun. Sure, you’re expending more energy on two wheels than you would be via four (a car), ten (a bus), or a hundred (a subway), but it’s way more of an adventure. And today, during NYC’s official Bike To Work Day, Levi’s is setting out to banish one of the few annoyances of the process: Bike Butt.
Whether your shorts ride up, the waistband creeps down, or your keys somehow go flying out of your pocket and into a gutter, Bike Butt is a thing — and Levi’s new commuter collection addresses a lot of those problems (and more). Says Levi’s global designer Sally Leon, “The collection was designed in collaboration with a core group of cyclists who provided constant wear-test feedback on prototypes to ensure that every aspect was comfortable on the bike. From the angle of the back waistband pitch to the depth of the back pocket bags, everything was scrutinized by these girls, and this informed the design and fit process immensely.”
Our resident bike-to-worker Emily Holland, Refinery29’s styling director, took the Commuter skinny jean for a spin. “I bike almost daily until the deepest, darkest winter months. I’ve been biking to work for years now. When I worked in Times Square, I’d bike all the way up 1st Avenue from the Lower East Side. I generally have to be careful about the type of pants I wear — loose ones get stuck in the chain and anything too stiff makes it difficult to move comfortably.”
Click through the slideshow to take a look at all the carefully considered design elements that make these pants perfect for women who ride.   

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