Hot Wheels: Our Top 10 Fashionable Bikes For Men

Now that summer's officially begun, it's time to kick things into gear (pun intended). Bikes are the perfect, eco-friendly way to commute from point A to point B, not to mention a great work-out for swimsuit season. And, let's face it...there's nothing cooler than tooling around town on a two-wheeler. But what kind of biker are you? From Beach Cruisers to British Roadsters, hop on to one of our picks for best bikes for dudes.
Acne x Bianchi, $2,500: Based on the original Pista racing model, Acne teaming up with Bianchi is fashion meets function heaven (special order at
Tretorn x Kornan $499: You can never go wrong with a British-styled bike. (Buy the Treton at your local Tretorn boutique or get the Kornan directly from the manufacturer.)
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Freeman Gravel Racer, $985: Built in homage to the inventor of the Colt .45 during the industrial revolution, Freeman designed a bike with a similar finish to the firearm. Pretty racy.
Pashley Guv'ner, $1,899: Based on a Path Racer model made by the Company in the 1930s, the Guv'ner is equal parts fanciful and classic.
Flying Pigeon single speed, $299: The single most popular mechanized vehicle in worldwide use, and an affordable one, at that.
Strida, $900: You can catch designer Steven Alan riding this to work every morning.
John Deere x Nirve $389: Part green thumb, part cruiser, all cool.
Schwinn Legacy Cruiser: $119 Founded in 1895, Schwinn is no stranger to a changing market environment with its lightly priced cruiser.
Puma Glow Rider: $1600 This aluminum alloy folding bike not only looks great, but also has an amazing paint job that glows in the dark.
Cannondale Carbon 1: $5,499 Looking to ride the most badass bike of the mountain bike world? Jump on Cannondale's Carbon 1 bike, featuring more specs than you can count (including those cool lefty shocks). Just be sure to bring a good lock...or two.