Learn to Layer, the Genius Way!

Knowing how to layer is doubly advantageous; you'll get major points for warmth and for style. But for bulk? No, thank you. Luckily, Leandra Medine, the style-obsessor behind The Man Repeller, and Bar III (available only at Macy's), are teaming up to teach you the trade secrets you need to make this look work.
First and foremost, choose layers that are vastly different in texture. For example, a flirty chiffon dress gets a sexy edge with an outer lining of leather and shearling. Another bold move: Double up on the collars with some shirt-on-shirt action. Keep the look streamlined with a body con skirt and super-light tee underneath. Bolo and bowtie are optional, but highly recommended. Finally, remember to play around with lengths and proportions. Add an extra bottom for a skirt-over-pant look that's not for the sartorially timid. We suggest skinny, borderline-leggings and a billowy mini for a stark contrast that won't feel bulky. Once you've mastered these three ideas, you'll be golden. Then, just layer away, fearful friend!

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