5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 04 2010

Looks like being scared of bedbugs is SO last season. Termites are a movin' on in—let the panic begin. (Gothamist)
Over at Vogue, one of our favorite editors, Lauren Santo Domingo, is expecting. LSD and her Colombian billionaire husband Andres, are bound to have the coolest, chicest baby ever. Or a total dork. (New York Post)
IOther pregnancy news: Unlike, say, Balenciaga, Victoria's Secret isn't so keen on sending preggers Angels down the runway, despite how much they might be glowing. (The Cut)
Due to some not-so-fancy footwork, all the Kardashians are forced to hoof it around Manhattan in flats since Kim broke her toe in a pair of Louboutins. The horror! (Gawker)
There will be a fashion show in Bushwick that showcases clothes made out nutria fur. Did we mention nutria are rat-like creatures? (Racked)
Andy Warhol predicted Lady Gaga? Yoko Ono claims the artist tried to convince her to amp up her look and become a phenomenon like Gagaloo is now. Ono doesn't regret not wrapping herself in meat, however. (Styleite)