Last Minute Touches To the Holiday Outfit From Your Dreams

After fighting the Black Friday crowds, trolling the internet for inspiration and shopping until your proverbial drop (the fitting room attendant at Topshop is beginning to consider you a stalker), you finally did it; you procured the perfect party dress. So now that it's time for embellishment, take a break and leave the accessorizing in the hands of those that know you best. Fill your holiday wish list with these accessories from the Refinery29 Shops that will be the cherry on top of your new favorite frock.
Above, clockwise from left: Lyell Sparkle Purse, $80, available at Lyell; See You Monday Studded Leggings, $44, available at Eskell; See You Monday Sequin Leggings, $46, available at Eskell; JF & Son Beaded Clutch, $110, available at JF & Son; J.Crew Starla Satin Pumps, $198, available at J.Crew; Fiona Paxton Gilda Collar Necklace, $354, available at TenOverSix; Lauren Wimmer Ribbon Wrapped Bracelet, $75, available at Thistle & Clover.

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