Lady Gaga Wants To Be An Intern, SATC II's Over-Hyped, And Christene Staub Isn't A Model

A rep at Philip Treacy says NY songstress Lady Gaga has applied for an internship. Uh, why aren't they fast-tracking that shiz?! (The Cut)
Just in case you haven't heard enoughabout Sex And The City 2 , here's a cheat-sheet to what's exactly gonna happen. Major lolz. (Jezebel)
Looks like James Franco can't get enough of General Hospital . How long are we supposed to keep believing he's doing research for a role? (People)
After seeing Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Danielle Staub's daughter, Christene, on the cover of The Daily, did you actually think she'd go anywhere. Us either. See what exactly she's been doing, or, ummm, not. (Daily Front Row)
"Greater New York" opens at PS 1. It's got 68 artists included, all who live and work in the city. This is their chance to say, "told you so!" (Gothamist)

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