C’est Sweet: Laduree’s First U.S. Shop Opens In NYC

Oh la la, our inner Marie Antoinette is giddy at thought of Ladurée, the Parisian pastry and cake shop (whose claim to fame is the creation of the macaron) opening up their first-ever U.S. flagship right here in New York City. So, it seemed like the perfect coincidence that their spot of choice was 864 Madison Avenue, nestled alongside fashion headliners like Dior, Tom Ford, and Sonia Rykiel. Indeed, Ladurée and fashion have always seemed to go hand-in-hand—remember that decadent scene in Sofia Coppola Marie Antoinette where Kirsten Dunst is surrounded by oodles and oodles Ladurée pastries and shoes? A dreamy combination for sure! But the past few weeks, Ladurée has been through a bit of a macaron soap opera (thanks to our good ol' friend Hurricane Irene, their opening date kept getting pushed back). Finally, as if our taste buds weren’t tantalized enough, the magic of Ladurée was released to the public early, 9 a.m. this morning, and rest assured it was simply magnifique, going toe-to-toe with its nearby rival, Maison du Chocolat.
When walking into the petite store, the design gives off more Belle Époque private home-feel than pastry shop, complete with paintings, mirrors, and busts. Authentic French pastries, chocolates, and ice creams garnished with macarons (all, of course, imported from Paris) are all on-tap, while flavors for purchase (starting at $2.70 for each macaron) range from black currant to green apple, to coffee to our personal favorite, rose. And if you're NYFW-dieting, you can cut calories with Ladurée-scented candles and signature totes for sale. Plus, to differentiate it from its French cousins, starting Fashion's Night Out, September 8, the NYC location will be featuring exclusive items like their new New York flavored macaron—cinnamon raisin (we’re guessing lox and cream cheese didn't make the cut).
Haven’t had your Ladurée fill? The cult fave is also catering to the downtown crowd! While talking to David Holder, the president of Maison Ladurée, yesterday, we found out that Ladurée has plans to to continue to take over Manhattan this April with an upcoming Lower Manhattan tea salon…c'est bon, c'est bon!
Ladurée New York; 864 Madison Avenue (between 70th and 71st streets); 646-558-3157.