Already Addicted: Brew Hotspot Has A Luxe Vending Machine For Coffee

There's something about a vending machine that brings out the giddy child in us, making us want to dig into the lintiest corner of our pockets for loose change, all for that pack of M&Ms. Knowing just what nostalgic nerve to hit, the owners of artisanal coffee roaster La Colombe Torrefaction recently refurbished a fifties-era Coke machine to hold their cold-brewed coffee, Pure Black. The owners have a soft spot for vintage design, enhancing each of their modern locations with an unexpected antique item. They love their customers' reactions, whether they're appreciating the architecture or recalling an old memory...or just checking out the hottie in line for the chilly stuff. Although the vintage machine won't dispense your beverage, it keeps your $3 brew sufficiently chilled, and still gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of being a kid, despite your grown-up caffeine addiction. Head to the Noho location to check it out for yourself — you just might spot an R29-er getting their fix, too. (Grub Street)

Photo: Via Grub Street