L.A.'s 7 Best Brunches To Book Right Now!

If you've been searching for that perfect Mimosa, frittata, or French toast epiphany, you're not alone. Breakfast and brunch food are the absolute ultimate in comfort nourishment. And as Angelenos, we've got high standards when it comes to kicking off our morning with a bang. To rejigger your weekend plans a bit, we've tallied up seven of our favorite late-great brunch spots—from Manhattan Beach to Downtown and back—to make sure you're up to speed on all things worthy of the mid-morning menu. Whether you want some crispy, house-cured bacon or a go-home-and-collapse carb-fest, these brunch picks will give you extra incentive to put your main meal at the start of the day. Now, who's ready for a Bloody Mary?

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