Bleachblack's Kristin Reiter Models Her Ballistic Style

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on August 10.]
Long ago, we pledged our allegiance to Kristin Reiter’s unique take on everything from killer kicks and pre-viral vids to profound life advice. The bleach-y keen half of the beloved blog Bleachblack also serves as Nike's design director and she’s worked her badass off over the years, helping put C&C California on the map and drumming up that rad RVCA collab with Erin Wasson, for starters.
Since she’s pretty much the woman every aesthetically minded lass aspires to be when they grow up (us included!), we tapped into Reiter's style steez for a day. And, after palling around on set with the lady, we learned that there's way more to the fair-haired hottie than what you see. Click through to our profile for some serious SoCal style (and business) inspiration!
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BLEACHBLACK obviously has a crazy cult following at this point. Where do you find the time to produce such unique blog posts?
"It’s a combination of a few things, the most notable being that my co-blogger Valerie Killeen and I both chose fashion as our professions — to be acutely aware of trends is a necessity for our daily operation."

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What's the creative process like for each blog post?
"We both have very different aesthetics, but tend to land on some of the same topics at the same time. We also kept the blog format simple so that we have creative flexibility."
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When did you first realize you had a fan following?
"I’m not sure actually! People knew my work prior to blogging, so it’s hard to say. Honestly, I'm just excited that I'm able to add electricity to someone else's life."

Have you ever been recognized on the street?
"Yes, I have, and I love my crazed fans. Craziness makes the world more exciting, right?"
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As a young girl, what did you dream of becoming?
"I knew I wanted to be a designer at 14. My dad taught me how to sew at a really young age. He did upholstery in our basement, so I had access to everything I needed. My teenage years were my first glimpse into what would be a never-ending cycle of fashion rebellion and perpetually feeling misunderstood. I learned later that being misunderstood is one of the gifts of being a visionary. It was a state I didn't like to be in, so I forced myself to over-develop my left brain so I could articulate my vision in a way that more linear-thinking people could understand."

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Where do you find inspiration?
"For new music I love Pitchfork. I also read Dossier Journal for beautiful fashion, and The Berrics for skate culture. My daily reads include TechCrunch, The Fancy, and Refinery29, of course!"

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You’re known for your bright-blonde locks. Where do you go for that fabulous hair?
"Kiara Bailey — she’s the only one that gets it right every time!"

Would you ever envision yourself being a brunette or even a redhead?
"I love extremes — my hair's been jet black, bright red, pink, blue, and now white. I actually haven’t seen my real hair color since about the fifth grade, ha!"
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How did you start working for Nike and did you ever see yourself at a sportswear company?
"I always loved the brand and it seemed like a good match. My official title is Design Director and I definitely don’t have a typical day at the office. But, every cell in my body is competitive, so I understand the culture of sport and love working at Nike."

Your legs are incredible. How do you manage to stay so fit with such a busy schedule?
"Thanks! I play soccer on the weekends with a coed team, I spin at lunch, and I try to run in the evenings. I'm definitely busy, but I always find time to work out."

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Has working at Nike influenced the way you dress?
"I’ve always incorporated sportswear into what I wear, so the job hasn't been a huge influence on my personal style."

What's been the coolest thing you've done while working there?
"I would love nothing more than to brag about everything I’m working on, however, it’s definitely more powerful to watch and see!"
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Do you have a strict diet?
"I wouldn’t call it strict, but I do prefer to eat raw vegan food. Sure, it may be more expensive and harder to come by, but it's definitely worth the investment!"

Have you picked up any beneficial tips on working out and dieting from Nike?
"I find the Nike Training Club app to be outstanding. It has everything you need right there!"
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How do you get through a stressful day?
"Coffee fixes everything."

Do you have a zen mantra?
"The only thing I have full control of are my thoughts. I choose a positive outlook on life and know that at any given time the universe is giving me the best possible scenario."

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What is your most prized possession and why?
"This may sound strange, but I don’t feel like I actually possess anything. People, places, and things in my life are so temporary that I just try to enjoy them. It's a great way for me to constantly feel light and free, and have a strong sense of self."
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Do you have any advice for people aspiring to follow your fashionable path?
"I hate to be cliché, but hard work and a crystal-clear vision are key. I went to school for design, and was determined to get a job assisting a designer straight out of school. Nothing was going to stop me! But, believe it or not, I had school counselors giving me what they called 'career advice,' which was to have a back-up plan. I disregarded that and got exactly what I wanted."

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