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Kristen Wiig Is The Hottest (Almost Nakey!) Bro, Ever


When it comes to comedians and comediennes, there are often schisms of disagreement — for example, some people find Aziz Ansari delightfully refreshing, while others think his voice is kind of annoying — but no one we've consulted has had a spat, a "thing," or a bad word to say about
Kristen Wiig
. So, it came as no surprise that GQ named Wiig "Bro of the Year," alongside the hunky writings of Jon Hamm (yes, he writes, too, ladies!), who had nothing but the most glowing things to say about his Bridesmaids co-star in the article. Some are a bit shocked by the stripped-down, morning-after look that Wiig is rocking in the accompanying shoot, but Of course, we think she looks amazing replete with pouty lips, cute undies, and a striking white blazer. But does it take a bit of nudity to hang with the dudes? Are you feeling Kristen's bold "bro" look, or do you think it'd be better to button up on this one? (Jezebel)

Photo: Via GQ