5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 24 2012

Wanna be sure that the cutie at the bar is checking you out and not your man candy? Take a closer look at his face—a new study links facial symmetry and sexual orientation. (HuffPo)
In an age where Hollywood children are guaranteed a solid career (ahem, Smith children), it's refreshing to see Jim Carrey's daughter Jane auditioning for "American Idol" like the rest of us. (The Hollywood Reporter)
The album may be celebrating its 40th anniversary, but everybody knows that this L.A. Woman ages well. The re-issue of the Doors' last album drops tomorrow, which features alternate versions of classic tracks. (Yahoo!)
Funny and gorgeous, meet tall, dark and handsome. Bridesmaids comedienne Kristen Wiig and Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti were snapped for the first time together, cementing their status as Hollywood's hottest new cool couple. (ONTD)
The Hollywood Bowl's full calendar year of performances comes out today, but some of the already-announced acts include Barry Manilow, Norah Jones, and Liza Minnelli. (LAT)
Photo: Via ONTD.

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