We Finally Did It: R29 & StyleList Pick Kristen Stewart’s Best Looks EVER

Kristen Stewart, with the scandals and the pouts and the purposely disheveled hair, is one of the most divisive actresses in Hollywood. Be she a "trampire," a questionable role model, or someone who is really getting it together on the fashion front, everyone wants to weigh in on what the Kristen-Stewart-turned-Bella-Swan-turned-worldwide-phenomenon means.
On the most basic level, it certainly is an exercise to watch Stewart come into her own on the red carpet. From a shrugging, blasé teenager shifting her way past the paps to a full-blown woman who is beginning to take real risks, KStew certainly has turned heads. And whether or not it is the result of one helluva stylist or her own evolution, she is certainly a sartorial force to be reckoned with — and reckoned with, she shall.
Which is why we turned to our pals over at StyleList to tackle our 10 favorite Kristen Stewart red-carpet looks, rounding up the best of the best in her career thus far. After battling it out, we've got our picks, they've got their picks, and we've got to say: Okay, Kristen Stewart...you have worn some mighty fine frocks.

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