Insane NSFW-ish Edible Art Pictures: Naked Human Monkeys, Pastry Ninjas

Ever since we told you (and showed you) all about three of NYC's super-chic bakers, we've had a hankering for pastry that just won't slow its roll. So you can imagine how attending a one-night gallery show that paired world-famous artists with renowned pastry chefs was a Halloween diet fail. Specifically, last week's performance by Kreëmart at Haunch of Venison gallery, where seven artists, including Olaf Breuning, Terence Koh, and Ryan McNamara collaborated with decadent desserters (yes, the theme was dessert) like Il Laboratorio del Gelato and Sant Ambroeus for an edible exhibit that would have given even Willy Wonka a candy concussion. Good thing, too, as this outré foodie gathering certainly wasn't child-proof, featuring everything from an Angel Otero silver leaf cherub pissing white and dark chocolate (with wafers to get your dipping on) to Breuning's otherworldly monkeys, passing out limited-edition plastic bananas filled with corresponding banana flavored ice cream. Maria Jose Arjona was on a platform surveying it all, and guests could approach her to feed them candy—directly from hand to mouth, while Janaina Tschäpe’s created a very sticky room, where we played with sweets—and ended up leaving covered in sugar paint and chocolate. But perhaps the icing on the, uh, cake, was McNamara's Pristine, a monster wedding cake that was attacked by a ski-masked gang with "abstract, expressionist style icing." Click through to see all the craziness—your sweet tooth just got served.
Photos: David X Prutting/ courtesy of Prentice Art Communications,