Pound It: The New Sake Bomb For Adults (With Real Gold Inside)

Traditionally reserved for frat boys and heavy drinkers alike, the sake bomb's been in need of a heavy PR facelift since its inception. Luckily, the sake bubble is here to lend a much needed hand, thanks to Koi's new "reverse spherification" technology. But it's not as complex as it sounds— you do with the sake bubble as you would any sake shot (dunk it into beer), but this gummy-like sake sphere (with gold flakes, of course) bursts in your mouth as you go bottoms up. And bam! A chic sake bomb, hoodies, loud chants, and spillage not required. Sake not your thing? Try soup cocktails as a boozy alternative. You catching the theme yet?

Koi New York 40 West 40th Street (between 5th and 6th avenues); 212-921-3330.

Photo: Courtesy of LFB Media Group