Kim Kardashian Schmoozed With Arianna Huffington, Governor Cuomo. Puzzled.

Last night's 2011 "Game Changers" Awards Ceremony was a little more bizarre than was probably intended. The event, which honors 100 people in 12 different categories who have "changed the way we look at the world and the way we live in it", was first rocked by the fact that author Naomi Wolf got arrested right outside the Skylight Soho's doors when she refused to move away from the building while participating in an Occupy Wall Street demonstration. Inside, as the co-founder of the Women's Cancer Research Fund and the chairman of the ONE campaign received their awards (along with governor Andrew Cuomo, who walked away with the "Game Changer Of The Year Award"), we couldn't help but scratch our pretty little heads at the sight of Kim Kardashian. She definitely stole the show by squeezing those curves into a stunning, body-con red dress that stood out against a field of LBDs and dark suits, but we're not totally sure why she was at the ceremony to begin with. Sure, she swiped the unofficial best-dressed award for the evening, and certainly makes Americans watch a lot more TV, but seeing her sans cameras in a heavy-hitting crowd that included Nora Ephron, Arianna Huffington, and Brian Williams made us think...could double K be considering a career in politics. We hate to admit this, but the reality star winning a race isn't even remotely inconceivable.

Photo: Courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency