New Yorkers Are Literally Praying For Kim Kardashian

New Yorkers are often profiled as cold, hard, and uncaring— but this crop of Kim Kardashian mega-fans jokers has enough empathy for the whole city. After the announcement of Kim and Kris's divorce was confirmed yesterday, these KK followers took to the streets to hold a vigil for her "marriage" in front of the Kardashian-owned Soho boutique, Dash. So, while some of us are #strugglingtocare, it's nice to see that others are moved enough by this love-gone-wrong story to show support. Really touching stuff here, guys. Overall, Kim obviously wins—do you think Kris's teammates would do the same thing on the court? Either way, we'd suggest keeping the signs... just in case there's a next time. (Buzzfeed)
Photo: Via Buzzfeed.

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