This App Will Erase Your Ex Forever — You’re Welcome!

If you're the annoying one in your office talking ad nauseum about your ah-mazing V-Day plans tonight, please shut the....(you know the rest). Not all of us are loved up — but, you know what, single is sexy, too. That said, we've all had former S.O. problems and today of all days is a time when us singletons want to zap all traces of our exes from the universe, forever. Because we're not the violent type (though, we sure do like Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats"), we're kind of obsessing this brand-new mobile app (like, launched today), KillSwitch, which promises to erase your ex least virtually.

Masterminded by ClearHart, a group of NYC-based digital-media strategists, KillSwitch deletes old boos from users’ Facebook profiles with just a click — oh, and app downloads will help support the American Heart Association of New York, so — in its own words — "broken hearts can help broken hearts." Billed as an alternative to tedious detagging and even account deactivation, the app lets users review their FB friends to "identify the target, review the kill, and delete forever" by removing comments, pictures, wall posts, and unlinking status updates. So, ignore all those tacky bodega roses and cheap chocolate — just download the app, pick your ex of choice, and the KillSwitch team will
digitally detox your life. Suddenly, Valentine's Day just got a little sweeter.