Window Shopper: Keds For Jeffrey

We don't know where the Keds people get all their energy, but we're hoping their supply of Red Bulls doesn't run out anytime soon. Following hot on the heels of their project with the Whitney Museum, the shoe brand has a new collaboration with iconic influencer boutique Jeffrey. Dubbed simply "Keds for Jeffrey," the range consists of classic-colored patent leather styles available for gals (and there's a matching line of Pro-Keds for dudes). Perfect for fall rainstorms, the kicks are exclusive to Jeffrey in NYC and Atlanta, and Fred Segal Feet LA—at $110, they're not your mama's Keds, but with Jeffrey involved, are you really that surprised?
Jeffrey New York: 449 West 14th Street (near Washington Street); 212-206-1272
Fred Segal Feet: 8100 Melrose Avenue (North Crescent Heights Boulevard); 323-655-9500