You’ll Never Guess Who Katy Perry’s Parents Are Setting Her Up With

It’s been less than a minute since Katy Perry and Russell Brand announced their divorce, and KP's already out on the prowl. We’re all for her soothing a broken heart and moving on (although, sigh, still feeling a little bummed about that breakup), but the potential matchmaker action between her and Denver Bronco’s star quarterback Tim Tebow has us scratching our heads.
Apparently, Mama and Papa Perry have arranged for the two to have a rendezvous at her church in Huntington Beach. The thought of our parents setting us up on a date gives us chills, but when you're a mega-pop star, well, anything goes. Honestly, all we can think about is the idea of Perry incorporating the "Tebow" in her next music vid.
What do you think: weirdest celeb coupling ever or a match made in heaven? (MSN)

Photo: Via MSN Wonderwall/Wire Image.