So, What Exactly Does A Weed Style Writer Do?

Photo: Via @jacquieaiche.
We consider ourselves quite familiar with the many responsibilities of a fashion writer and the knowledge of the market that the role requires. But, when Racked introduced us to Katie Shapiro of The Cannabist this week, we had never heard of a position quite like hers. Shapiro is a weed style writer, and “the nation’s first” according to Racked. Perhaps you’ve seen her headlines: "Pot Leaf Chic: Jewelry Designer Jacquie Aiche Gives Ganja Golden Touch," "Sarah Silverman Hits Emmys Red Carpet With 'Liquid Pot,'” and "Sativa Style: Give Patchouli A Chance — 10 Top Scents To Try."
While a number of major fashion publications have embraced the idea of regular marijuana use — such as Vogue, Elle, and yours truly — and have deemed it socially acceptable where it once was more taboo, it’s people like Shapiro who are finding a unique way to blend together a love of fashion with a penchant for pot.
As Shapiro describes it, the work is far from a day at the office with red eyes and a case of the munchies. “I've covered everything from patchouli products to pop culture moments,” the Denver-based writer tells Racked. “I also do a series of interviews called 'Shop Sesh' where I visit Denver-based artists and designers, people who are culturally involved in the community and are proud pot smokers. We do an in-person Q&A and we usually share a smoke during an interview."
When asked if her use of legal marijuana (thanks to Colorado’s Amendment 64) affects her work, Shapiro says yes, but “when I need it to!” Still, she tends to prefer lighting up in her free time.
If you're wondering whether there are currently enough weed-leaf denim shirts, Miley Cyrus-style hippie-inspired jewelry, or joint cases that could double as jewelry to fill a major hole in the fashion-writing space, the answer is…perhaps not yet. Shapiro also works in PR and film. As legalization legislation continues to spread throughout the country, though, she may just be one of many weed style writers to look out for. Click over for more of Racked’s interview with the pioneer of high fashion.

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