Curtain Call: Was Katie Holmes Cast As Mrs. Tom Cruise?

Every morning it seems like we wake up to a new development in the TomKat divorce saga. From the battle over Suri to a foreshadowing quote in Elle mag, the barrage of "news" is endless. (And, yes, we'll be the first to admit that it's also very addictive.)
But, the latest tidbit has us in a mini tizzy. The Church of Scientology, with its heavy-hitting Hollywood backing, has always been a presence in Lala Land. However, The Today Show broke a new report that the religion also played a part in the first days of the Cruise/Holmes courtship. In a not-so-shocking turn of events, a former Scientologist took to the morning program to reveal that the Church actually auditioned women for the leading role of Mrs. Tom Cruise (remember all those rumors?). That's right, although we'd think there are thousands of ladies lining up to tie the knot with the beyond-famous actor, there's now pretty credible evidence that makes us believe all of that TomKat marital bliss was merely a Tinseltown-scripted blockbuster. While Holmes came out on multiple occasions supporting her new-found spiritual calling, it's sad to think that she may have been fed those lines, too.
Are you buying it? Did Holmes land a role in this possibly orchestrated union, or is this just a product of the Hollywood splitsville rumor mill? Honestly, we just hope the two can find real love someday, without a casting couch. (Oh No They Didn't!)
Photo: Via Oh No They Didn't!

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