We Brunched With Bosworth And Have Some Scoop To Prove It!

This was one fine day for us! We had the pleasure of hanging with Kate Bosworth and her mega-stylist Cher Coulter at the Soho House, for the launch of the brand-spankin'-new JewelMint video series, and got to chitty chat about our most beloved subjects: fashion and film. The visual narrative below is the first of many to come, and we got some tidbits on the flick while we noshed on yummy eats with the stars.
R29: If you could be reincarnated as one piece of jewelry from your latest collection, which would it be?
KB: I really like the Madison Avenue ring (pictured). It’s masculine and deco all at the same time.
CC: I like stuff with pins, so the Lucky Charm piece is my favorite (pictured). You can put it on your coat or any place where you can see it, where it won't get lost.
R29: This video has you globetrotting all over the place! What was it like behind the scenes?
KB: You never know what you are going to get! For example, in L.A. we were able to control it since it was shot here, and both Cher and I were around. In Paris and Morocco, it was just me and the director Michael Polish so it was much more hectic! And in order to get the light right at this time of year in Morocco, we were up at 3 a.m., which is why my hair looks like it does — ha! We were lucky that I was going to be in Morocco at that time, because January really is split into two parts for me — one half is New Year's, and the other awards. It was great because we got L.A. with the Hollywood glamour and Morocco with that resort feel. I love Morocco!

Photos and Video: Courtesy of JewelMint.