Watch: Karlie Kloss Dishes On Her Most Embarrassing Fashion Moment

Karlie Kloss is only going to be a "teenage model" for one more year, meaning we have just a limited time to learn everything she knows, cuz let's face it, teenagers know everything (or so they say). But on the real, if we're going to be taking notes from any teen, it's Ms. K, with her five plus years of modeling experience in the hottest shows and campaigns from NYC to Milan. And, truth be told, what we've come to realize is that despite being on W's cover this month, she's actually quite — wait for it — normal. Sure, her most embarrassing moment may have been when "Carine" made her dance in a leotard in front of tons of fashion folk for Prada's snakeskin collection, but at least beyond that perfect bod and chiseled cheekbones, there's the ability to feel embarrassment at all (just like us!). Watch the video below to fall even deeper in love with America's sweetheart and find out why she believes all girls should do ballet (even if at six feet they may be too tall to get lifted in the air!). (Fashion Telegraph)

Video: Youtube Via W