Street Style: What Karlie Kloss Looks Like When She’s Just Chillin’

We know, we know this might not be the most inspirational look we've run through Street Style, but it's so refreshing to see off-duty model Karlie Kloss looking just that: off duty. Shopping in Soho (our spidey senses are telling us she may have picked up a lil somethin', somethin' at DKNY?!), we spotted the beauty despite her dressed-down threads. Not that she was hard to find, towering above the street — yes, even in those simple ballet flats.
When all the makeup and super-high heels and breath-constricting dresses come off, it's cool to see Karlie in her own, most comfortable state. A black tank, the perfect knock-around skinny jeans, and black-and-gold details make her laid-back outfit work for her. And paired with that fresh face (and book!), who can resist? Tell us your love for KarKlo in the comments below and click down for one sweet, candid moment.