5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 25 2012

Looking to go on a shopping sabbatical? Step one — buy a paintbrush. That’s what illustrator Sarah Lazarovic did, and it’s definitely working out for her. (The Hairpin)
The gold collars in Karl Lagerfeld's new Olympic-themed capsule collection will be much easier to mix into your wardrobe than a gold medal. (Styleite)
In other Olympics news, it appears that an epic battle between London's most famous fictional characters will occur durring the opening ceremonies. Who do you think will win? Voldemort's wand or Mary Poppins' umbrella? (Jezebel)
A food truck, a good laugh, and one of Seinfeld’s most memorable moments all wrapped into one? Oh yes, this soup is for you. (Trend Hunter)
Talk about sibling rivalry! Looks like Madonna and her brother have both launched their own separate footwear lines. We're going to to ahead and place our bets on the Material Girl. (Racked)header
Photo: Via The Hairpin

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