Cash Literally Fell From The Sky At VMAN's Blow Out

We were told to get to the VMAN party exactly at 11 p.m., and good thing we showed up ten minutes 'til—the line outside Soho's yet-to-be opened Mondrian Hotel stretched halfway down the block. With a little elbow grease, we managed to squeeze into a gigantic, football field-sized space, the Garden Room, before the crowd got so deep we could barely see the Diet Red Bulls we were double-fisting. Still under light construction, the skylight-lit greenhouse played host to dancers gyrating on pedestals, crazily suspended crystal chandeliers, and a giant disco ball reflecting scattered foliage for a scene that was Hairspray meets the Hudson Ibiza (and if you were wearing black, eff your life...the purple, pick-up everything lighting kept us from getting down until three drinks in). The big unsubstantiated rumor was that cover boy Kanye West was set to perform after midnight, gossip that proved false as the clock hit 3 a.m. But really, guests like Prabal Gurung, Cecilia Dean, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, and Sean Lennon seemed nonplussed; After-all $5,000 worth of real dollars dropped from a money machine in the ceiling, and real cash floating down suddenly became more exciting than, say, a favorable WWD write-up. Plus, if you were feeling charitable, you could give back the Benjamins to Gods Love We Deliver, which, at the end of the day, is ultimately cooler than an impromptu Kanye concert.
Click through to see Kanye, cash, and Kanye with cash!
All photos via Joe Schildhorn/

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