Tour Justin Timberlake's Bachelor Pad (Or Move In!)

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...dumping your bachelor pad. Before Justin Timberlake walks down the aisle to wed Jessica Biel (sexy back!), he's getting rid of his Soho digs — presumably in favor of a more wife- and child-friendly abode. While most of our bro friends can't boast much more than a big screen TV when it comes to their apartments's accoutrements, J.T.'s palatial pad comes with all the trimmings — we're talking a fireplace, a wrap terrace, 10-foot ceilings, and a jacuzzi just big enough for, ahem, two. If this place is in your price range (a cool $7.65 million), we can't think of any better pickup line than "Wanna see Justin Timberlake's bedroom?" For the rest of us, Radar Online's hooking us up with pics of the penthouse. Click through to check out the apartment in all its splendor, and try not to sing "Cry Me A River" — please. (Radar)
Photo: Via Radar Online

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