The Hot Boys Of Revenge On Romney, Kim K, & Why Ry Gos Should Be Afraid

While fashion may seem like the only focus in all our lives right now, there’s another F-word that’s on a lot of New Yorkers' minds — football. To make sure the man in your life never wears that dreadful jersey again, get him over to the GQ x Nordstrom pop-up shop ASAP. We checked out the temp boutique on FNO, and we suggest you hustle over there before touchdown time. For the next week, the men’s fashion bible is teaming up with the luxe retailer to curate more than 50 top men's brands in a one-stop hub for the sartorially savvy and fashionably confused guys alike. With uber-cool brands like Todd Snyder, Fjällräven, Miansai, and Warby Parker this may be the best thing to happen for the men of NY since the Giants won the Super Bowl.
The shop launched with a packed event on Fashion’s Night Out, where Darren Criss, Aziz Ansari, and Aaron Carter (yes, really) mingled with GQ creative director Jim Moore and Nordstrom men’s trend director Tom Fazio. Of course, when we spotted the hunky (we're giving ourselves a special dispensation to say 'hunky' this once) stars of our favorite show and not-so-guilty pleasure Revenge, Joshua Bowman (Daniel Grayson) and Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross), we had to chat 'em up. Spoiler alert: There’s going to be a lot of sex in the Hamptons this season! Check out our steamy Q&A, then catch up on old episodes...we suggest a drinking game where you take a shot every time you see a smokeshow's six pack.
Are you guys big GQ fans?
Joshua Bowman: "Massive GQ fans."
Gabriel Mann: "100%. It’s a magazine I will actually buy, beyond just picking up on a coffee table at someone else’s house."
Joshua: "It’s the one magazine that has remained classy, and it’s just’s got good people, up to date."
Gabriel: They straddle this line between being timeless and then completely current. It teaches men how to dress in the best way possible, I wish more men were reading GQ."
Anything you see here that you gotta buy?
Gabriel: "We’ve been as far the door trying to get to the bar. We saw a half tie-bar. Is the half tie bar the new tie bar?"
Joshua: "Only on a skinny tie."
Josh, are most people surprised when they find out you have an accent?
Joshua: "Yes they are, they are. But they’re surprised when they meet [Gabriel] and find out he is semi-normal."
You clean up well.
Joshua: "We are all different from our characters, I’d like to think. Emily is different, you're different, I’m different."
What's something about your character’s style you relate to?
Gabriel: "I dig these new Prada loafers. I’m rocking these, they’re Nolan loafers."
Joshua: "Shut up."
Gabriel: "I took them from set."
Joshua: "They’re fucking cool."
How much stuff do you steal from set? We promise not to get you in trouble.
Gabriel: "Nothing, honestly nothing."
Joshua: "No, but I would."
Gabriel: "Me too, I’m not going to lie. I would definitely steal stuff from set."
Joshua: " I don’t like the preppy stuff, but when it’s suits..."
Gabriel: "The cut is sharp."
Joshua: "I make them tailor them real fucking tight."
Gabriel: "We have a brilliant tailor."
Joshua: "Great tailor."
Gabriel: "She’s really the magic behind the scenes."
Joshua: "We have great costume designers."
So you didn’t steal those Prada shoes?
Gabriel: "No, I did."
Joshua: "Yes, he did."
What’s your weekend style?
Joshua: "Sweatpants, sneakers and a T-shirt or jeans, sneakers, and a T-Shirt. Always wear a white T-shirt, you can’t go wrong with a white T-shirt."
Gabriel: "Fitted sweatpants on a Sunday with my high-top Y-3s, maybe with a tank top."
Joshua:"Baggy tank top, not a tight tank top."
Gabriel: "Oh yeah, loose, loose. Baby tanks are dead."
Who do you look up to in Hollywood, style-wise, past or present.
Gabriel: "Two people: Gary Cooper, old school. And then new school, I mean I know it’s the easy answer but it’s always Ryan Gosling."
Joshua: "He’s got his own store apparently, a vintage store."
Gabriel: "We should do that."
Joshua: "Yeah, maybe we’re going to copy Ryan Gosling."
Gabriel: "You have that quoted, we’re copying you Ryan Gosling."
Joshua: Right next door.
Is this a Refinery29 exclusive?
Gabriel: "Yes, we’re coming for you, Ryan."
Let’s play who would you rather.
Joshua: "Oh, you know that shit."
Gabriel: "Josh invented that game."
Joshua: "I invented that fucking game."
Kelly Kaposwki, Lisa Turltle, or Jessie Spano?
Joshua: "Kelly."
Gabriel: "Lisa Turtle, 100%."
Kim Kardashian or Kate Moss?
Gabriel: "Kate Moss".
Joshua: "That’s not even a question."
Gabriel: "I have pictures of her on my wall."
Joshua: "Kate Moss, because she’s English and not a reality star."
Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama?
Joshua: "Hillary."
Gabriel: "Yeah? That’s actually tough. If you take Hillary, I’ll take Michelle."
Who gets the style vote, Obama or Romney?
Gabriel: "Obama, 100%. Clearly no comparison. I just always think blue is a nicer color choice than red. That’s just me."
Give us one juicy tidbit about the upcoming season of Revenge.
Joshua: "Everything."
Gabriel: "Everything is next."
Joshua: "Everyone has got a new love interest."
Gabriel: "There’s a whole lot of sex in the Hamptons this year, not that there wasn’t last year."
Joshua: "And, it’s darker. A lot darker."
Did you spend any time in the Hamptons this summer?
Gabriel: "We’ve never been there, none of us."
Joshua: "I’ve been once, for a day."
And... was there a lot of sex in the Hamptons?
Joshua: "Zero."
Gabriel: "It was all behind the tall hedges. That’s the whole thing — you just can’t see it."

GQ X Nordstrom pop-up, 350 West Broadway (between Grand and Broome streets); 646-669-9049; Open until September 16.

Photo: Courtesy of GQ