These Gingham Pieces Only Look Sweet At First Glance

Some have speculated before about the importance of Fashion Week and all its showmanship and expense, but there are moments that can't be replicated by clicking through a slideshow online. They're subtle, atmosphere-adding elements that help you understand the clothing in its purest form, and oftentimes have nothing to do with the clothing itself. For example, had we have only seen the pictures from last night's runway show as they filed into our inboxes, we wouldn't have heard Rosemary's Baby's lullaby playing alongside Joseph Altuzarra's spring '15 show.
Altuzarra cites the Roman Polanski horror flick as part of the inspiration for his new collection, and just like the dissonance between Mia Farrow's soft voice and the ominous melody, the sweetness of the gingham pieces — which comprised approximately the first third of the lineup — were made just a bit more sinister at the hands of Altuzarra. While the fabric itself is inherently springtime-y, the use of it was feminine, sexy, and slightly preppy without being too conventional. Pencil skirt hems had button fronts (though only a couple were fastened), necklines were "sliced open" as the show notes described, and dark, sheer sweaters were layered atop, toning down any too-pristine and innocent vibes.
Think of this as the picnic-ready print for the lady who has a bit of a dark side, a love of chilling stories, or, at the very least, a penchant for unforgivably sexy silhouettes — a true Altuzarra trademark.

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