Jimmy Fallon Takes Us Inside Momofuku's Super Top-Secret Test Kitchen

Have you ever been at, say, Momofuku's noodle bar and asked yourself where they learned to make ramen, something so damned simple, so damned good? Or, have you ever been at chef David Chang's Milk Bar, just around the corner, and taken a tiny bite of the "Crack Pie" and pondered where on earth they came up with something so addictive? Well, the answer to both those questions is Montreal... or Weehawken.... or Ozone Park... or wherever Chef Chang's super-secret test kitchen for all his various restaurants actually is (he ain't tellin'). In this video produced by Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night" crew, we get an inside look at the tiny space that's managed to produce some big, big flavors for New York's most beloved restaurants. Curiously, it turns out that Chang's laboratory—where freeze-dried ice cream, mushroom chips, and a Momofuku liquor distillery are all under development—isn't all that different from your usual kitchen, with the exception of two ingredients —a little madness and a big shiny box of MSG.
Momofuku Milk Bar, 207 2nd Avenue (near East 13th Street); 212-777-7773 .

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