Skip Gap Kids! We Found The Only Store Just For Short Men

Did you know that 33% of dudes in the U.S. are under 5'8"? Add the actor factor in L.A., and we bet this number soars by at least another 15% in our town! It turns out that these vertically challenged chaps have a tough time finding threads, which is why Jimmy Au's For Men 5'8" And Under boutique in Beverly Hills comes in clutch for males of a certain stature. The only shorter guy designer shop in the country, JA's outfits hit TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, House, and The Office—leaving you guessing on who's packing extra inches. So, if you catch your stylish gent shopping in the little boys department (the best SATC episode ever!), give him this hot helpful tip (gently of course!).
Photo: Via Jimmy Au's.

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