Bad, Not Rad: Real Housewife Jill Zarin Launches Shapewear

We've said it before, we've said it again—reality star endorsements usually suck balls (with the exception of Skinny Girl margaritas, natch!). But the newest "celeb" product hits a low previously held by the The Situation's caffeine-fueled vodka. Today desperate Real Housewives Of New York personality Jill Zarin announced she'll by launching her own line of shapewear and leggings line called Skweez Couture. Besides the shudder-inducing name—couture and tummy tighteners don't really go hand-in-hand—we're also not sure if, in all honesty, we want to look like Zarin. "I'm obessed with looking my best, and I wear Spanx, but there's no competition out there," Zarin tells WWD. Truth: We do like her spitfire personality, but we think we'll stick with Spanx.
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