5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 02 2010

Jesus Luz lands a magazine cover and loves "good sex." Do we still care if he's not dating Madonna? (Gawker)
Union Square is full of colorful personalities, duh, but now you can see 'em all up-close-and-personal—on video! (Gothamist)
Loco for Loko! With the NYC blanket ban on the speed-like energy drink, people have stockpiled Four Loko and are now selling it on Craigslist for $8 a pop. We see a huge new market for drug dealers here. (Huffington Post)
Bedbugs just won't leave our stores alone. The latest victim? Juicy Couture's Fifth Avenue flagship. Velour must be an insect aphrodisiac. (The Cut)
The cutest marriage proposal video we ever did see turns out to be a YouTube hoax dreamed up by a NYC agency that specializes in viral videos. Admit it: You got punk'd. (Observer)