Jessica Alba Made A Fashion Solution For Public Breastfeeding

Perhaps we can't officially say that 2014 was the year of breastfeeding — we’re sure many of our mothers, grandmothers, and indeed, entire female lineage would wholeheartedly disagree. But, within the past several months alone, when Kim Kardashian posed in the buff for Paper and #FreeTheNipple not only became a social movement but a movie, it was nursing mothers whose stories rose to the top of all the hot-button issues pertaining to breasts. The choice to breastfeed (or not to) is a personal one, and never cause for shaming, which is a conversation Jessica Alba has just joined from a sartorial standpoint.
While Alba’s name has become synonymous with motherhood since her launch of The Honest Company, her brand that aims to provide cleaner home products, this is the first time the mom of two has launched a product that directly supports fellow mothers. Collaborating with Piece & Co., Jessica's introductory nursing scarves have been made by women in Maheshwar and Jodhpur, India, and it's a partnership that will benefit women on both sides of the production line — from those across the globe making a living to those with a child to feed who may not have the private space to do so.
That's not to say Jessica's latest venture is strictly mom business. In fact, as she tells us, this three-piece collection of organic cotton oversized scarves is just as much an accessory as it is a means to nurse a child or a clever way to cover the stain on your collar from this morning's coffee. And, she filled us in on exactly why right now is the perfect time for her to launch a nursing scarf, and yes, why even the non-mothers out there should consider having one.

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