We're Over The (Sanguine) Moon For Jesse Kamm's Fall Wares!

L.A. darling and rockstar designer Jesse Kamm's beauty is of the intriguing kind that you don't just admire for its aesthetic appeal (she's a drop-dead blonde), but also for the thoughtful premonition lurking behind it. And the same goes for her super-cool clothes — the fall '12 collection, "Sanguine Moon," features an array of immaculate threads fit for an Eastside queen.
In case you're curious just exactly what a "Sanguine Moon" is, it's the historic harvest moon, which inspires all of the birds and animals to migrate. Back in the day, this is when men and women would go into hunt-and-gather mode to prep themselves for the upcoming winter chill. Jesse has been moved by vintage hunting and fishing gear, which conjured thoughts of people communing with nature, wearing hats, trenches, and luxe leathers in the woods at night. She's got a "Lewis and Clark meets Jean Muir" thing going on with this lunar line of pure earthy pleasure, and we feel moved, once again, by her unique take on what we wear. (Enter, a large howl of delight!)
Photography by Lucas Brower

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