James Franco: Director, Japan’s Invading NYC, And Cigs Are $11

If you thought the subway was gross now, you may never ride it again after peeping this. Vom! (Gawker)
Don't miss this weekend's Northside Festival in Brooklyn where you can catch some major indie music and a sneak peak at James Franco's new gig—this time he is in the director's seat. (Guest Of A Guest)
How much would you pay for a rare collection of signed William Faulkner books and an array of his personal items? Well, it doesn't matter because someone at Christie's already dropped $833,246 for this sweet auctioneer's dream. (Huffington Post)
The NYC Japan Street Fair is coming to the East Village—tackle your hunger with some yakimochi, okonomiyaki, and a whole lot of miso. (PR Newswire)
A pack of cigarettes now costs about $11 in NYC. Quit now before you go broke. (Public Radio)
First it was the Real Housewives and now Lady Gaga. Jerry Seinfeld clearly has no qualms about speaking his mind. (Gawker)
NYC's Naked Cowboy won't play nice with the Naked Cowgirl. Aww, no naked babies! (AP)