Jake Gyllenhaal Photo Stalked In Bathroom, A New Low?

We've had stepping-out-of-limo-upskirts and the oh-so-popular down-shirt shots. Even sad solo-bench-sitting shots. Yeah, celebs in public have been snapped every which way and then some and everyone seems to accept it as part of the territory. But this weekend, someone may have crossed the line when they decided it would be a good idea to take a shot of Jake Gyllenhaal in a bathroom using a urinal during a screening of his new flick Source Code at the SXSW festival. Sure, we can understand how someone might want to capture a quick one of what Jake's packing down there. But we understand Jake's reaction even more (initial reports suggested a physical altercation, while others suggest Gyllenhaal simply convinced the guy into deleting the pic). So what do you think? Has celeb photography finally hit bottom by stalking stars into the bathroom as they follow nature's call, or is this just business as usual? (THR)
Photo via Flickr.