This Is What Porn Looks Like Without Photoshop [NSFW]

The “Betrayal Issue” of Jacques magazine is here! Now, you might be giving your computer a puzzled look because either you have never heard of Jacques (shame on you!) or you’re thinking, “Wait, that vintage-looking skin mag? They’re still around?”
So, here’s the dish. Jacques is back, and you should know about it! Straight to the point, Jacques celebrates women, body diversity, photography, art, and perhaps most notable of all, the models are shot on film and NOT retouched. The current issue features two stunning plus-size models (one on the cover) and the magazine’s editor-in-chief and creative director, Danielle Leder. Danielle's a woman who has a timeless aesthetic, which naturally includes boobs and motorcycles because, America!
“The Betrayal Issue” is the first in a three-part series, the first of which was photographed by yours truly. The 132-page glossy magazine is the result of an overwhelming amount of work by a very small crew, including makeup artist/beauty editor Carlo Longo and fashion editor Courtney Raniszewski.
When shooting for Jacques, I was forced to look at my subject and scene as whole, rather than relying on the fact that I can “fix” this or that in Photoshop. Danielle’s philosophy is simple, “What you see is what you get.” As a female EIC with a modeling background, she's gone through the retouching machine herself. To this day in the hair-color aisle of any Duane Reade, she can spot a false version of herself staring back. “If they had to change the way I looked so much, then why did they hire me in the first place?” she laughs.
Danielle believes that posing nude can certainly be objectifying in the wrong context. It all depends on why the woman is doing it and who is taking the photo. She's always pushing the idea that true beauty is indeed attainable without unhealthy standards and fakery. Jacques is a fine example of this. It is empowering to models to be represented fully and fairly.
There are more gorgeous girls, articles, and even a fun, candid interview with Elijah Wood to explore in the magazine, but for now here is a little preview of some of the featured shoots — and some behind-the-scenes stories about the latest crop of Jacques women.

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