5 Reasons You Need These Kangaroo-Pocket Pants

Every woman knows that pockets make dresses a million times better. But, what about pants — they already come with plenty of pockets, so how could they possibly be improved?
Irish designer J.W. Anderson answers that question with these trousers from his pre-fall collection that feature two extra pockets slung low on the legs. They're sort of like the modern-day, avant-garde version of the Old Navy cargo pants we once knew, loved, and owned in multiple colorways.
Now, we know what you're thinking: Why? Lord, why would one need baggy receptacles on the hem of their pants — that area of the trouser most likely to come into contact with random street goo? Well, we can think of five super-solid, practical reasons why your pants need woolen joey pockets. Click on to be fully convinced.

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