J.Lo And Marc Anthony Keep Their Kohl’s Collection Together, But Not Their Marriage

Separation and divorce is tough for anyone, but with cameras constantly pointed at their faces and paparazzi hiding in the bushes, splits for celebs can be plenty tough, as well. With the recent news that Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are parting ways, inquiring minds are wondering how they'll keep it together for the sake of their young twins. The fact that the couple are still planning on pursuing their simultaneous Kohl's collections may be a good sign that there's no bad blood between the two, which hopefully means less future grief for their kids. The clothing and home goods collections, initially billed as the couple's first, were designed for one retailer, but are now being advertised separately—what was apparently planned all along. Right. Anyway, we certainly wish the best for them and their Kohl's goods, which will be in stores this fall. (HuffPo)